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Policy Lab envisions a future guided by the principles of degrowth, where policy-making promotes resilience, equity and sustainability within the Earth’s ecological limits. We aim to lead transformative change, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine societal progress and well-being.


Policy Lab, an independent and non-profit think tank, has a mission to change the dominance of GDP as the sole policy goal towards a progress based on sustainability and prosperity within planetary boundaries, and people-centred policy solutions.


Degrowth as a Transition and Post-growth as a Destination

In the midst of global polycrises, Policy Lab is committed to degrowth – a deliberate shift away from the GDP-driven economy as the sole policy metric towards one in which prosperity thrives without expansion. This approach, fundamentally different from recession, aims to stabilise the economy to prevent ecological collapse, address climate change and improve social well-being.

Unlike individual corporate efforts, which fall short, degrowth requires systemic change and advocates:

  • Reducing sectors such as fossil fuels and fast fashion.
  • Improving public services and introducing a green jobs guarantee.
  • Shorter workweeks to promote community engagement and personal well-being.

Globally, we are witnessing important shifts in our understanding of progress and development. 74% of people in the G20 countries said they want national economic priorities to move beyond increasing profits and wealth to focus more on human well-being and protecting the environment.

Policy Lab is at the forefront of this paradigm shift, advocating a degrowth model that respects our ecological limits while ensuring everyone has access to the necessities of life.


Policy Lab is a fresh, forward-thinking organisation founded by Ajda Pistotnik and Aljoša Slameršak, a passionate duo dedicated to shaping the future of policy-making.

Our team may be small at the moment, but we are committed to making a significant impact in the world of social-ecological transformation.

With aspirations for expansion on the horizon, stay tuned as we grow and welcome new members to our team in the coming months.

Ajda Pistotnik

Co-Founder & Director

As the Co-founder and Director of the Policy Lab, Ajda Pistotnik is a true force of nature when it comes to promoting sustainable and equitable economic development. Her visionary approach to progressive politics led her to organize the first Degrowth School in Slovenia in 2022. She also explored the application of the Doughnut Economics framework as a model for navigating the EU’s economy beyond GDP. She initiated the degrowth community in Slovenia and co-organized the International Degrowth Conference in Budapest in 2016.

She is an active member of various collectives, including FundAction, an activist-led participatory grant-making fund. Ajda has moderated policy debates and presented outcomes of her policy research on financial justice and debt economy at various policy forums, such as the G20 in Hamburg, UNCTAD in Nairobi (Kenya), and IMF annual meeting in Lima (Peru). Her work extends beyond Slovenia’s borders.

Her extensive experience as a policy researcher and project manager, combined with her exceptional analytical and communication skills, have enabled her to work effectively with academia, media, policy makers, NGOs, and international government agencies.

Aljoša Slameršak

Co-Founder & Consultant

Aljoša Slameršak, PhD, is a Co-founder and Consultant at the Policy Lab. He brings a wealth of expertise gained from his research career. His doctoral research, titled ‘The end of energy abundance: Embracing biophysical limits to a low-carbon energy transition,’ focused on environmental science and technology, degrowth, and low-carbon energy transition. This provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges we face.

Aljoša has published in prestigious scientific journals such as Nature Energy, Nature Communications, and The Lancet Planetary Health.

His work highlights the crucial need to transition to lower-energy use from low-carbon sources and address inequalities between the Global North and South. As a passionate advocate for sustainability, he is committed to utilizing his skills and knowledge to help create a more equitable and environmentally responsible future.

Blaž Kosovel


Blaz Kosovel, PhD, is a Policy Lab Consultant who specialises in cultural studies. He has extensive experience as an independent researcher, editor of the quarterly journal ‘Razpotja’ (Crossroads), and cultural worker.

The author of ‘Why the US never had a Department of Culture‘ and a contributor to ‘The Routledge Handbook on the American Dream‘. His research covers intellectual and social history, as well as the cultural and urban geography of Western societies.

As part of the Nova Gorica 2025 European Capital of Culture project,  Kosovel’s project Ab Initio – an Urban Utopia explores modern new towns, their history, urbanism, and future challenges. A Fulbright Scholar at the City University of New York in 2013, Kosovel is a valuable addition to our interdisciplinary team.



As a Think Tank for a post-growth future, Policy Lab collaborates actively with respected international intellectuals, representing a rich history of progressive activism and scholarship, nurturing a dynamic exchange of ideas. Collectively, we navigate the complexities of societal change and work towards a just and sustainable future.

Julia K. Steinberger

Professor at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

We’re honoured to have Professor Julia K. Steinberger, a prominent figure in the field of Societal Challenges of Climate Change at the University of Lausanne, on our Advisory Board, leading our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions. A lead author of the IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report with Working Group 3, Prof Steinberger has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Climate Change and Nature Sustainability. In particular, her groundbreaking research project ‘Living Well Within Limits’ won her the prestigious Leverhulme Research Leadership Award, underlining her commitment to exploring universal human well-being within planetary boundaries.

Mladen Domazet

Research Associate at the Institute for Philosophy & Institute for Political Ecology, Croatia

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Mladen Domazet to Policy Lab’s esteemed Advisory Board. Dr. Domazet is a graduate of Oxford and Zagreb universities. His expertise spans theories of scientific explanation, degrowth-compatible frameworks for social transformation, and the societal attitudes crucial for sustainability. A dynamic contributor to the field, Dr. Domazet has played vital roles in organizing the 6th and 9th International Degrowth Conferences. Currently immersed in research on sustainability and degrowth dispositions within small semiperipheral societies, he explores the potential for ecological transformation in Europe.


Join the Transformation: Explore Job Opportunities and Internships

At Policy Lab, we welcome individuals who share our vision for transformative change. Here, you can become a catalyst for societal transformation by applying for a job, pursuing an internship, or engaging in your master’s thesis.

Current Opportunities

Stay tuned for our latest job vacancies and internship programs. We regularly announce new opportunities on our website and through our newsletter.