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Degrowth School for Cultural Leaders – Creating the Future Together

Projects strengthening the cultural environment

Co-financing of larger support projects for organisations providing support to the cultural sector.

Date and location:

January 1, 2024

Ministry of Culture


New Project Announcement: “Degrowth School for Cultural Leaders – Creating the Future Together”

Policy Lab is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative, the “Degrowth School for Cultural Leaders – Creating the Future Together,” selected through the Call of the Ministry of Culture. This project, funded for the years 2024-2025, aims to bolster the cultural sector’s supportive environment by introducing innovative approaches rooted in the concept of degrowth.

Project Overview

In an era where the cultural sector stands at the crossroads of social change, the sustainability of current systems is increasingly questioned. Recognizing the sector’s pivotal role, our project seeks to familiarize cultural leaders with the degrowth movement, a critical response to contemporary environmental and social challenges.

Degrowth has garnered international recognition for its transformative potential, with significant discourse in esteemed publications like Nature and Ecological Economics, and prominent forums such as the Beyond Growth 2023 conference at the European Parliament. Despite its global acclaim, the concept remains underexplored within the Slovenian cultural landscape. Our project is poised to bridge this knowledge gap, fostering a deeper understanding of degrowth among cultural practitioners.

Objectives and Impact

The initiative is designed to cultivate new narratives and visions for sustainable futures, promoting degrowth principles within the cultural sector. By facilitating open dialogues and creating a conducive environment for innovative thought, the project encourages participants to envisage and experiment with alternative social organizations and practices.

Furthermore, the project acknowledges the pressing need for actionable change and structural reorganization in the cultural domain. This ambition will be realized through strategic inter-ministerial and international collaborations, along with the sharing of effective practices.

Target Audience

Our targeted participants encompass a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including NGOs, individual cultural workers, professionals, activists, media figures, and policymakers. The project aims to empower these groups by enhancing their understanding of degrowth, stimulating productive conversations, and enabling the practical application of novel societal approaches.


The “Degrowth School for Cultural Leaders – Creating the Future Together” represents a significant step forward in redefining the cultural sector’s contribution to societal transformation. Through education, dialogue, and collaboration, we aim to equip cultural leaders with the tools necessary to lead the way in creating a more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant future for all.


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