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Rethinking Growth,
Redefining Progress:
A Lab of Visionary Thinkers

Policy Lab is united in the quest for transformative policies and sustainable solutions for the future. We confront the shortcomings of conventional politics  – offering inadequate and contradictory approaches to sustainability and well-being – and advocate for a comprehensive rethinking of what it means to progress.

Our conviction is clear: true progress in sustainable policies demands a bold reimagining of economic principles. Where prosperity is measured not by material excess, but by the quality of life it offers within planetary boundaries,  preserving the vital essence of our planet for future generations.

We aim to shift the global dialogue towards unconventional strategies. Through our work, we don’t just propose transformative solutions, we actively construct the roadmap for a sustainable, just future.



Embark on a transformative journey with our International Degrowth School—an incubator for post-growth ideas. In a world grappling with polycrises, we champion active citizenship and critical thinking. Our school, nestled in Slovenia’s Trnovo Forest Plateau, is more than an educational lab—it’s a vibrant space for diverse minds to connect, exchange ideas, and forge alliances.

Join us at the crossroads of generations, cultures, and professions. Challenge the status quo, explore cutting-edge degrowth concepts, and ignite change in a serene, natural setting.


We Don’t Want Less of the Same,
We Want Something Completely Different

Policy Lab promotes degrowth, advocating that wealthy economies move away  from GDP growth (as the only policy objective) towards sustainability and prosperity within the limits of our planet.

Degrowth envisions a society that values systems thinking and recognises the interconnectedness of today’s polycrises. It requires redesigning economic institutions to focus on meeting human needs and transforming the way we organise society.

The academic base supporting degrowth has grown rapidly, with over 600 scientific studies and identified 380 policy instruments outlining practical strategies for transition. Influential concepts such as the Doughnut Economy model have inspired cities such as Amsterdam and Brussels to rethink urban planning. In addition, international Degrowth conferences and Beyond Growth 2023, and the formation of the Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership underline a growing global consensus on the need for economies that prioritise environmental sustainability and human well-being over mere profit.

Explore how degrowth strategies can lead to a thriving society focused on human needs rather than perpetual economic expansion.


Fuel our Mission for a Post-growth Future

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By donating, you enable us to maintain and expand our impact, ensuring that our work will continue to thrive for years to come.

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A forward-thinking duo committed to making a significant impact on the future economy through socioecological transformation.

Ajda Pistotnik & Aljoša Slameršak: Architects of Change

Policy Lab is a fresh organization founded by Ajda Pistotnik and Aljoša Slameršak, a passionate duo dedicated to shaping the future of policy making.


Ajda Pistotnik

Co-Founder & Director

As the Co-founder and Director of the Policy Lab, Ajda Pistotnik is a true force of nature when it comes to promoting sustainable and equitable economic development. Her visionary approach to progressive politics has led her to co-organize the Degrowth School in Slovenia, as well as investigate the EU’s economy Beyond GDP. ‍

She is an active member of various organizations, including FundAction, an activist-led participatory grantmaking fund. Ajda’s work extends far beyond Slovenia’s borders, as she has moderated policy debates and presented outcomes of her policy research on financial justice & debt economy at various policy forums, such as the G20 in Hamburg, UNCTAD in Nairobi (Kenya), and IMF annual meeting in Lima (Peru). She was also the initiator of the degrowth community in Slovenia and a co-organizer of the International Degrowth Conference in Budapest.

As a member of the editorial board of the Journal for the Critique of Science, Imagination and New Anthropology, Ajda is constantly engaged in critical thinking and scholarly work. Currently, she serves as a member of the Strategic Council for Economy at the Ministry of Economic Development in Slovenia. Her extensive experience as a policy researcher and project manager, combined with her exceptional analytical and communication skills, has enabled her to work effectively with NGOs, academia, media, and international government agencies.‍

Aljoša Slameršak

Co-Founder & Consultant

Aljoša Slameršak is a Co-founder and Research Consultant at the Policy Lab, bringing a wealth of expertise gained from his research career. His doctoral research, titled “The end of energy abundance: Embracing biophysical limits to a low-carbon energy transition,” focused on environmental science and technology, degrowth, and low-carbon energy transition, providing him with a unique perspective on the challenges we face.

With publications in prestigious scientific journals, including Nature Energy, Nature Communications, and The Lancet Planetary Health, Aljoša has highlighted the crucial need to transition to lower-energy use from low-carbon sources and address inequalities between the Global North and South.‍As a passionate advocate for sustainability, Aljoša is committed to utilizing his skills and knowledge to help create a more equitable and environmentally responsible future. He is excited about the outreach opportunities offered by Policy Lab’s activities and is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on society and the planet.


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